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Single Passive PCI Backplane (PCI-101)


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Passive PCI Backplane (PCI-101)

  • High quality 4-layer pass-through Passive PCI Backplane
  • For use with COM-100 Sparrow Single Board Computer

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The PCI-101 Passive PCI Back Plane is a simple passive PCI Back Plane for use with the Industrial Design, Inc. COM-100 - Sparrow Single-Board Computer (SBC). The COM-100 - Sparrow SBC allows expansion with externally attached PCI cards from the COM-100 - Sparrow’s single PICMG expansion connector. The PCI-101 Passive PCI Back Plane allows expansion with one, single external PCI board, which is mounted “butterfly fashion”, where the COM-100 - Sparrow occupies the PCI socket visible at the bottom of the picture above, and the add-on board occupies the other PCI connector which is mounted on the other side of the back plane (bottom connectors visible at the top of the picture above).

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The PCI-101 is a high-quality 4-layer pass-through Passive PCI Back Plane. The external PCI add-on card is supplied with power from the COM-100 - Sparrow Board through its PCI connector, and no other power connectors are used. The add-on card can be a slave or a bus master card, utilizing the ~REQ0 and ~ACK0 pins on the COM-100 - Sparrow SBC’s PICMG Expansion connector.

The PCI-101 Passive Back Plane is laid out in such a way that the end bracket of the external PCI expansion board is in-line with the edge of the Industrial Design COM-101 – “KVM board”, which plugs into the end headers on the COM-100 - Sparrow SBC and provides the following “normal” connectors:

  • Power Input connector – 4-oin Mini DIN for +12V DC Power Input
  • Recessed RESET Button
  • PS/2 – Keyboard connector stacked with PS/2 – Mouse connector
  • 2 stacked USB connectors stacked with 1 RJ45 (Ethernet channel 1) connector
  • 2 stacked RJ45 (Ethernet channels 2 and 3) connectors
  • 2 stacked DB9-Male (Serial Channels COM1 and COM2) connectors
  • 1 DB-15-Female CRT connector
The PCI-101 Passive PCI Back Plane may be ordered from Industrial Design as part number PCI-101.